You Sunk for Android Wear

You Sunk for Android WearYou Sunk for Android Wear is a creation of Spooky House Studios UG. It is a game where you play as a captain of a submarine on a secret mission behind enemy lines. With a simple gameplay, you’re tasked with sinking all of the enemy battleships using a variety of weapons.

However, you don’t sink friendly ships in this game, but use them for your survival. Also, keep avoiding enemy torpedoes, to save yourself much hustle.

The game can be played on either a phone or an Android Wear watch but it seems to be a little more fun on the watch. There are also power ups, different time settings, and even nukes if you want them-

You Sunk for Android Wear Key Features:

  • 5 types of weapons
  • Torpedo
  • Auto guiding torpedo
  • Auto guiding rocket
  • Electro-magnetic impulse
  • Nuclear rocket
  • 3 types of enemy boats and additional friendly boat
  • 3 different time settings: Night, Dawn, Day
  • Upgrade armor shield of your submarine and upgrade speed of your torpedoes

Defeat your enemies and win the war!.

It’s free to download but offers in-app purchases.


You Sunk for Android Wear1You Sunk for Android Wear screenshot 2You Sunk for Android Wear Screenshot 3

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