Yallo – Make your call smarter

YalloYallo – Make your call smarter: the future of calling!

Yallo’s Android app is for people who make a lot of phone calls, but need a little extra functionality, like automatic redialing if the call drops and recording and transcription options.

Yallo gives you the ability to use your existing number while still providing inexpensive calling plans. This way you can save money while making it convenient for your existing contacts to reach you wherever you go.

Yallo is perfect solution for INTERNATIONAL CALLING PLANS. If you have family, friends or business associate abroad, this app provides user friendly ways to keep in touch whit those who matter to you.

Yallo is not your standard Phone Service. Unlike other mobile VoIP apps that offer cheap international calls, with Yallo you receive so much more than just calls. You can enjoy all our features including Call Recording, Call Caption and our travel features.


Each time one of your friends joins Yallo, all of your calls will be 100% FREE! You can both enjoy all our features such as call recording and playback, call caption, travel calling features etc. Simply call their number like you would normally do and enjoy a free unlimited crystal clear call!

  • FOR THE RECORD – Yallo Call Recorder – Record your calls, Save calls and Playback when you want. You can also share a recorded call with anyone you’d like.
  • GO YALLO – No cell reception? No problem! Yallo solves your cell reception problems. With Go Yallo you are still available for calls to your regular number via Wi-Fi and Yallo. When you direct calls from your regular number into Yallo you benefit from all our features for your incoming calls – not just outgoing ones.
  • CALL CAPTION – Give your calls a title – Want to let someone know why you’re calling so they can decide to pick up or not? Call Caption is the answer. Write a quick message that gives someone the context in advance.
  • TRAVELING ABROAD – With Go Yallo you can take your phone number with you on every trip you go. No need to purchase expensive calling plans, while abroad just use your data plans or Wi-Fi and with Yallo you can receive all your calls on your regular number and for free. Take Yallo with you on all your travels!


Please make sure to install app updates regularly and enjoy our features for FREE, including: Call Recording, Call Caption, Travel features, and many more to come


Yallo - Make your call smarterYallo - Make your call smarter1

User reviews: Well received on the android platform .

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