Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become the 2nd biggest smartphone company in China


Xiaomi started manufacturing smartphones only in 3 years ago and now there is evidence of Xiaomi’s rapid growth in popularity in China. According to data from a Kantar World panel ComTech report from January to May 2014, Xiaomi moved Apple from its second place in the country, accounting for a 21 percent share of smartphone sales, compared to Apple’s 16 percent share.

Not ones Xiaomi has been called for being an Apple copycat, but denied these claims. However, the company has admitted that Apple is an “inspiration”.  Xiaomi is growing much faster, and has passed Apple to become the 2nd biggest smartphone company in China, something that also threatens Samsung.  Samsung continued to remain on top with a 23 percent share of smartphone sales, leaving Xiaomi with a very close margin in ranking.


Then again, criticisms about Xiaomi copying Apple continues to take center stage, more especially after the launch of is Mi 4 flagship early this month. One would wonder, why the customers never stop flocking in at Xiaomi shops even after this claims. Well, I guess I know the answer, their devices carry great specs and are way cheap.

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