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Wilton's Mystery Wilton’s Mystery

All fans of “Phantom of the Opera” will certainly remain in admiration of the game. Here, the player will move to the boudoir known theater in order to uncover the secret of a great cast. It turned out that the London Viltons Music Hall was the last action of the theater in the world. But behind the scenes it is hiding a terrible secret of a certain ghost. In virtual world, certainly. But also this theater has ominous secret behind a slip, to open which it is necessary in this fascinating game. Collect the lost sheets from John Wilton’s diary to learn what is hidden in the theater twilight. And at the same time solve a secret of the lost jewel on which searches, in due time, a great number of adventurers and treasure-hunters started up, but no one was lucky.

This Android application puts you in a position to discover Wilton’s Music Hall in the East End of London. Crack codes, find clues and make magic to piece together John Wilton’s diary and find the truth behind the mystery. This app was created by the Wilton’s Music Hall with the purpose discover the lost and forgotten for over 50 years unlock the secrets to this hidden gem, maybe one day you will be able to visit and see for yourself!

Based on a true story from real developers building’s rich history, walk through Wilton’s discovering lost rooms and forgotten secrets. Unlock floors and doors and (if you are successful) release the hidden past. Wiltons Mystery Game is filled with challenges and foresight you to think more. Download Mystery Wiltons get free android games for free.

The whole Wilton’s team has creatively inputted into this game, from searching out the history to testing (endlessly) for bugs. We are enormously grateful to the lovely people at lefucine,  who developed this app at a significant discount.

Are you a fan of Wilton’s Mystery but you’re, today you can have it on your phone.

It costs $2.29 only which is worth it. Available on Google play, it requires Android version 3.2 and up.


Wilton's Mystery Wilton's Mystery








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