Why the Galaxy Note 7 was canceled, and what does this mean to Samsung Company!


On Tusday this week, Samsung announced a worldwide recall on its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after the phone caught fire in several high-profile incidents due to battery issues.

And now the company has “permanently discontinued” the Galaxy Note 7, according to The Wall Street Journal. Reporting from Seoul, the outlet says that Samsung, in a filing to Korean regulators, said it would “permanently cease sales of the device.” The move comes less than a day after it told all Note 7 owners (both old and new) to switch off and return their phones.

“Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7,” the company said.


This comes after the fix that Samsung put in place for the exploding batteries in its critically acclaimed phablet did not solved the issue and replacement units continued to catch fire. Production was slowed Monday as the South Korean company looked into the issue, and the decision has been made to stop production completely.

That is how Note 7 exits the market, by bringing great losses to the South Korean Company. But, the company is detamined and it revealed that it’s conducting a thorough review of quality test to improve product safety.

Samsung say it will make up for the big loss by expanding sells for the existing products. But some of the South Korean media warn the losses could mount because the firm’s flagging branding image


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