WhatsApp+ or Telegram+ ?

WTelegram+hatsApp+ Developer Releases Telegram+ After Being Forced To pull down the First Project

The developer of WhatsApp+ (the enhanced third-party WhatsApp client), received a cease and desist letter from Facebook/WhatsApp, compelling him to unpublished the app from Google play store. According to the letter, there was be no more support or development of the app.

In about six days after, now that talent is going over to Telegram. The developer has decided to release an enhanced version of the instant messenger by the name of Telegram+.

Telegram is an instant messaging service that focuses on speed and privacy. It encourages developers to create third party apps utilizing its open API and protocol. As proof, the Android app’s source code happens to be available on GitHub.

The new Telegram+ provides a number of customization options, such as the ability to change the color and size of various UI elements. Users can also hide their mobile number from others.

Even if the developer jumps from WhatsApp+ to Telegram+, probably he should have noted that there is already a separate, equally Telegram+ (Unofficial) app already listed on Google Play from another developer. Telegram’s developers are presumably okay with this, but it can get confusing pretty quickly.

But this developer is very clever, he understands well that Telegram is a real competitor of WhatsApp. He knew that by creating Telegram+, the app could never miss users, or probably Telegram users were desperately wishing for that shift!


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