WhatsApp Now Lets You Format Text As Bold / Italic, and Send Google Drive Files As PDF!


The latest beta release of WhatsApp features some basic text formatting options including bold and italics. Just put the bold text *between asterisks* and the italics _between underscores_ and you should see the formatting on your device. This is the same formatting used by Google+ by the way. Whether the recipient sees it depends on which version of the app they’re running (2.12.510 can’t, but 2.12.535 can).

We’re not sure if there are plans to add additional formatting options like underlining or strikethroughs, but they would add a layer of fun to what is otherwise a fairly straightforward messaging app.

You can sign up for the WhatsApp beta testing program here and then update your WhatsApp version in the Play Store to try out the new changes.

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