What’s the Future of Apple’s Bent iPhones?


Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus at their 2014 iPhone event. The 5.5″ device which Apple is calling the display a Retina HD display has received complains.

The press across the globe had reported that several iPhone 6 owners had complained of handsets becoming misshapen after being carried in trousers pockets without a case.

To address the issue, Apple says that bending is “extremely rare” during normal use and that it performs a number of strength and durability tests before it ships new devices; via WSJ. However, the company confirms that 9 iPhone 6 plus have bent already as according to customers who have taken step to report the problem to them:

“Since going on sale Friday, Apple said only nine customers have contacted the company about a bent iPhone 6 Plus—the larger and more expensive of its two new iPhones. Apple said both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus passed a series of tests meant to check the products’ strength and durability to withstand every day, real-life use.”

Same  questions about the supposed bend iPhone 6 are popping up on the Apple user’s forum. While Samsung, HTC and KitKat among competitors mocking Apple over iPhone 6 Plus bending issue on social sites like Twitter…

Comedian Conan O’Brien has made a clip explaining how you can fix the problem of bending smartphone, and that’s with a new Samsung Galaxy.

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