Windows RT

Windows RT boomed the market as the first version of Windows designed specifically for tablets that was supposed to provide the base for the Surface tablet, which was meant to show that Microsoft a software giant industry also has a say when it comes to hardware platform. Microsoft launched Surface tablet with hopes to pause competition to other tablet manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola besides others.

Less than one year down the line, you would not believe what Windows RT has become. Not only the manufacturers of the operating software have gave up on the OS but also its customers due to its complicated user interface such that, even Microsoft employees have difficulty understanding and explaining to potential customers.

As according to Bloomberg, the Windows RT devices are proven Unpopular and can only be found in only major retailers. It is said that, the product costs too much” and demand for RT machines has been weak. Now Microsoft is reportedly planning on reducing the cost of the operating system in an attempt to convince someone outside of its own headquarters that Windows RT is worth, well, anything.



Big companies such as Acer, Samsung, and HTC have openly refused to use the Windows OS on their devices fearing that they aren’t sure whether the market is ready for a windowless Windows.

When we compare Windows RT to Windows 8, windows 8 is the most preferred. Based on the user reviews, it is well received globally and in fact it catches with the lights off Windows 7 of the same company as the fastest selling operating system in history and is used to power everything from all-in-one PCs to ultrabooks and hybrid devices that can function as tablets and notebook PCs.

Is it a high time Microsoft should shed some light to Windows RT or choose to remain silent? For more of this store visit: pandodaily.com



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