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Perhaps you are a new Android user or you’ve just moved into the gaming world, well, it is an exciting journey. Definitely, you will have to take your time to learn the available category of gaming that favors your mood and also be of interesting to you. I can bet, you will meet a whole list that can even put you into much confusion. Ranging from action arcade to task completion game, running to racing of cars, football to any game you can think of, all are fun, and nice, well reserved in the Google play store just for you. Some users choose to acquire the free version first before upgrading to the paid versions. Comfortably, all but a few, would stick to the free ones since they delivers similar features just as the pro versions. All the same, what you need is just a cool Smartphone running Android OS v2.0 and up, and you will be set for your gaming journey already.

Today, I will introduce to you just a simple, but fun game that Josh C. refers to as an “Apples-to-Apples & Cards against Humanity.” The wePlay game. This game is for those of you who call themselves the ‘genius’! It is Free on Google play, and you will notice it is very hilarious (fill in the blank) that’s what they call it. It is playable with friends while on a hung out, on a school trip, or when just relaxing.

Users fill in the blank spaces to compete sentences. They aim of the game is to create humor by providing sentences with the most possible funny answers.

Therefore, how is it played?

Well, just two simple steps:

Step 1. Make the funniest sentence possible by using the cards in your hand.

Step 2. Everyone votes for their favorite sentence, and whoever gets the most votes wins!

Game requirements:

It is an online game therefore; an active internet connection and Android OS v2.2 or later are required in order to play.

The wePlay game boasts of handful features that include the play in group which can take up to 12 people, 4 being the least number of players on the group. Login with Facebook is another exciting feature where you can play with your favorite friends online. You can also decide to join on a random basis or make and add then add new friends in your game.

wePay is an awesome app, great for meeting people around the world, trash talking, flirting and even bragging.

Play your game smart by completing the top rankings, win coins by choosing and voting for the right words and lastly, put your coins into use by purchasing cards.


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User Reviews

Google play comments (1,424)!

wePlay android game is well organized and fun to play. It is doing fairly in the market.

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