Wear Mini Launcher – the very first Custom App Launcher For Android Wear

Apps-are-easier-to-open-on-your-wearable-using-the-Android-Wear-Mini-LauncherWear Mini Launcher is designed to allow you to launch any app from anywhere. You can only use this app if you own a wear device!

Previously, it has been very hard to open an app on wear devices. A user had to remember its name of scroll through different lists to find and launch it. Now with Wear Mini Launcher, you will be able to launch any app from anywhere.

Therefore, if you have your own wear device, this app will be appropriate for you to use. However, it is a first release, so don’t hesitate to give your comment that is, if you have a suggestion or you find a bug. You can as well post what you feel about this app on the play store, reviews section. It will surely help the developer to improve the app

There is always voice commands to launch apps on your Android Wear device through the default launcher, but for those times where speaking into your watch is not an option, you’re currently forced to do a bunch of scrolling to get to your installed apps. Wear Mini Launcher looks to expedite app launching by providing an edge gesture slide over with links to all of your favorite apps.

Wear Mini Launcher is a free app, download now via in the Google Play Store.


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