Vivo mobile manufacturer denote the thinnest smartphone in the World.


Vivo revealed photos of a smartphone that’s just 0.15 inches thick, on

How thin is thin? What is the acceptable size, and weight that a smartphone should have? The tech behind creating thin phones is becoming more popular and is like mobile manufacturing companies are competing to discover the thinnest/lightest smartphone ever.

When Apple launched iPhone 5S it was one of the thinnest phones measuring 7.6mm only; and when iPhone 6 came out was even slender. Samsung and Oppo have gone an extra mile of removing the Micro SD card support from their anorexic devices, with the latter’s offering said to cut-off the inclusion of headphone jack so as to make phones look so small and have a feather-like weight.

Yesterday, another company, Vivo came out with news to launch the smallest smartphone that the world has ever seen. The Company which is a Chinese based, posted an image of the new phone on the china’s favorite social networking blog SinaWeibo . This new device is exactly 3.8mm, which is equivalent to 0.15 inches; or same as half the size of iPhone 5S (7.6mm).

I bet you would agree with me that this is an impressive tech, and almost anyone would like to have a super-thin smartphone in his/her pocket. If you are that one person who hate elegant, small phones, please send us a comment so that we can hear your opinion. But also, worries is quickly building up about these “super-thin smartphones!” If a phone could be so small, one can wonder, what is really inside? If a device just 0.15 inches could prove faster speeds, and still have more functionality that the first computer that could measure the size of a whole house! Many are left with no words to explain. And if that is the case, what would the future devices look like? I can only keep my eyes open, and wait to see!

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