Useful Chrome Extensions You Didn’t Know Existed!

chromeGoogle Chrome Browser boasts to be one of the best browsers we have around. Google’s quest to improve this app has allowed for developers to market small software extensions that modify your browsing experience. So let’s look at some of these exciting extensions that you had no idea about but you should be using them instead.

Let’s start with Keeper which gives you in-depth information about Amazon products and their prices. It lets you check the price history of a product and to compare Amazon prices from all over the world. It’s also possible for you to set price-drop alerts and to import your Amazon wishlist and assign alerts for when for when specific products drop below a certain price.

Another is Dark Reader, sometimes you get bored with Chrome’s white background especially if your eyes don’t like a lot of light. Dark Reader solves this problem because it changes bright pages to high-contrast black themed pages that your eyes can accommodate. It’s also possible for you to adjust the filters and font settings to the size your eyes will feel most comfortable.

Web Timer helps you to manage your time and consequently your data. Many are the times you are unsure of how much time you spent on certain websites. You can spend time measurements parameters from “today” to “average” of “lifetime.”

Are you tired of seeing advertising companies create a profile around your browsing tendencies and you want to stop it but you can’t? Well, with Ghostery consider this problem solved. It helps you to choose what trackers to block on a website-website basis. Trackers will stay blocked across webpages, the first time you turn Chrome on you be surprised at how many trackers are watching you.

Lastly, you are going to need a Chrome organizer for all extensions working for you. Extensity will efficiently do this job for you as it collects all extensions and places them in one button.

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