TV Shows Go Live In the Australian Play Store |

TV shows in play storeAustralia has become the four country to get access to TV shows through the Google Play Store, after the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, as reports by Android Police.

TV show listings are now available in the Play Store, offering a good selection of both local shows as well as international content. Australian Android users are now eligible to listen/watch their favorite TV shows right from their smartphones. This is big news to the folks in Australia who love to follow international TV programs and also good for those fans who keep track with locals channels for now they can view whatever they like anywhere, anytime.

Google will offer a selection of international and local content all priced in Aussie-bucks for Austrian play store. Videos can be watched on a computer or via your Android device, where you can also pin for offline viewing.

With Google Play Movies & TV, you can stream HD movies weeks before they are available on DVD or Blu-Ray and TV shows a day after they air. You can watch what you love, wherever you are – on your computer, Android and iOS.

Google services are slowly making its way to the global platform; other Google tools like, Google music and Google Movies have already spread to the major countries across different continents.


SOURCE: AndroidPolice


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