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Tron light Cycles Duel IconTron light Cycles Duel Game has fun attempting to defeat your opponent forcing them to run into the walls or the paths they didn’t want to join. Use your light cycle to form trails that may force your opponent to crash and loose the spherical. The arrow keys can help in management of your direction. Press a button to decide on one or two players. Make merry enjoying tron light cycle flash game against your device or another human player.

This game has fun old skool 2 player – legacy – gameplay just like the recent C64 and Amiga days for your tablet. Based on the Tron movies it’s essentially a lightcycles game.

The movie Tron (and its sequel) have galvanized a lot of amateur game-writers to form the varied totally different games seen within the film as games. To be sure, there are variety of retail games related to the films further, however most of those are unsatisfactory, with the notable exception of the 80s arcade hit.

This is a requirement for any game that’s supported Tron, because the whole construct of the game is ‘play to survive’ thus competition and elimination are completely a demand. This game doesn’t queer therein space, providing multiplayer choices as a part of the core expertise, instead of a late-developed add-on to the game.

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Technical details

Free game category: Arcade & Action, APK download size: 3.69 MB, 28 people rated Light Cycles Duel (Tron) version 1.2 for Android smartphones so far with an average rating of 4.07 out of 5! This free game has been downloaded 10 000 – 50 000 times.

What new?

  • v1.2: Update to forestall fucking for mechanical man four.2
  • v1.1: other tiny pause when game over.
  • Future: A one player game will be added when there is enough downloads!


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Tron light Cycles Duel game is well received by users.

Average Rating: Four.1/5 Star.

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