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Play the top new game “Treasures of the Deep” from the top Android game developer “HeroCraft Ltd” A colourful genre of three in a row for Android on the underwater world. Special, underwater types of bonuses and achievements will satisfy fans of the genre. It brings forth a fascinating story about the underwater adventures on the ocean floor in order to obtain crystals that collect the invention and save the father of the protagonist. All this is in the form of a cake of the game story, focusing on the genre of three in a row, watered-icing of different achievements and bonuses.

Arabella, a cheerful girl decided to go in search of his father (whom disappeared without a trace somewhere in the ocean) a shell ship and crew. At a time when all of the missing crystals are found, it will be possible to find out where her father went. So, getting cards, we descend to the ocean floor and look for the rare shellfish, which are vital to us to produce crystals. If you’re ready to dive, the puzzles and three more in a row are waiting for you! There are 80 levels of just hunting down his device’s missing crystals in this wonderful and relaxing puzzle masterpiece. Players must solve the match-3 puzzles to unlock the crystals and help Arabella progress.

Play 8 levels for free! You can unlock other levels via In App Purchase. Each new level introduces a new puzzle element, challenging you anew, as well as delightful undersea designs, featuring creepy shipwrecks and enchanting coral reefs. Cut scenes tell Arabella’s story, as she tracks down her missing father.

• Intuitive controls

• New gameplay tricks at each new level

• In-game leaderboards

• 80 levels

Treasures of the Deep file size is 41MB and can be downloaded via Google play for free!


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User reviews:

Google play comments (104)!

The new game tricks at each new level in the game play makes this genre more realistic and interesting to players. The game is receiving good comments on Google play.

Average rating: Four.0/5 star on Google play store

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