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Traxsource Traxsource is the ultimate underground music store. Created for Djs, clubbers and music lovers who desire to dig deeper and discover what lies beyond the mainstream. DJ’s, Access Digital Underground Music from Traxsource on your Android® device with the Traxsource Android App. It’s live and in effect! If you have an Android device, pick up Traxsource official DJ Strobe app for FREE! iPhone users can also  enjoy the services of Traxsource app since it’s equally available on App store.

What are some of the functions of this application?

Underground music comprises a range of different musical genres that operate outside of mainstream culture. Such music may tend to express common ideals, such as high regard for sincerity and intimacy, freedom of creative expression as opposed to the highly formulaic composition of commercial music, and appreciation of artistic individuality as opposed to conformity to current mainstream trends. Apart from perhaps the underground rock scenes in the pre-Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet Union, very few types of underground music are completely hidden, however, performances and recordings may nevertheless be difficult for outsiders to find. With this app you can stay up to date with music, news, social media and more! Browse, listen, and add music to your cart from anywhere, making purchases easier from Traxsource online, available from your computer. Or transfer your cart items to your wishlist with ease, to have at a later time. All you need is a Traxsource account.

Dig in the crates

• Browse the latest featured releases from your favorite Genres.

• Listen to Charts from the world’s greatest DJs.

• Choose from our Industry Standard Top Sales Charts, site-wide and genre specific.

• Search our Extensive Library with ease.

Preview Trax in style

• Preview all you like with high-quality track previews.

• The Traxsource app’s player will keep a play list for you.

• Delete, Add, Listen Groom and add to cart anytime.

• Use the headphone’s Skip forward and Back buttons to control your play list.

Manage Your Cart and Wish list

• The Traxsource Android App is fully integrated with

• When you log into the Website from your computer everything is in Sync.

• Craft the perfect set anytime, from anywhere.

The Traxsource Android App is the mobile partner to Traxsource on your computer. It can be downloaded on Google play store for FREE and installed on Android version 2.2 and up.


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