TPM – Trusted Pocket Money App.

TPM4AllTPM – Trusted Pocket Money is a Swedish company that deals with virtual money transfer, at a global level. They have a prepaid system with highest security, approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority as according to the new laws and regulations of money laundry & terrorism. This system has been proved to work efficiently for the Swedish citizens and now the company is expanding its business to other countries of the world.

Now with the TPM Android application, you can successfully use this system to send & receive money, make payments from the comfort of your phone.  TPM Company has partnered with major banks around the world, so that its clients can access its services fast and at ease. This system is stable, sufficient and most secure.

TPM functions for everyone everywhere with almost all mobile phone units and carriers, and supports iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and others, so you can never miss updates and notifications.

TPM purposes to replace cash worldwide at an extremely low cost, thus helping over 50% of the world population; the so called ‘unbankables’, with salaries less than $2 USD a day.

The building of TPM started 1 December 2009. After seven months of research, the company was founded by two dedicated individuals 7 July 2010 whereupon the development started in full scale. The TPM-system was approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) in late December 2011. Earlier in December 2011 TPM got its approval from Apple for an “app” made for iPhone and iPad. The name of the app at App Store is TPM4ALL.  Global coverage was achieved 1 January 2012 for all cellphones, all countries and all currencies. TPM is 100% environmentally focused and due to that everything in TPM is software which means that TPM is working with already existing infrastructure and hardware.

Download TPM4ALL Android on Google play, at no charges.



User reviews: TPM Company is well represented at the globe. It is save to bank with them.

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