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Toshl Finance Budget & Expense 1Toshl Finance Budget & Expense is a personal finance manager made fun. It’s intuitive, safe, private, designed with character and attention to detail. Toshl is like your personal financial advisor that’s with you all the time. Except it’s less awkward in bed. Find out where your money is going, keep on top of bills and spending, set up budgets and live easy with a financial peace of mind. This application was developed by Toshl Inc for Android mobile users.

Use Toshl, track your money spending and save money with ease. Compare it with other finance managers and budget apps like Expense Manager, My Budget Book, EasyMoney, Mint, Pageonce,, Daily Money, Spendroid, You Need a Budget, Money Manager and enjoy the ease of use and security in Toshl Finance Expense Tracker.

Why is Toshl Finance better than Mint, Expense Manager, Pageonce or EasyMoney?

– only works in the US and Canada,, Pageonce only in the US,

– less cluttered, prettier and easier to understand than, EasyMoney or Expense Manager

– is only available on Android and iOS, EasyMoney and Expense Tracker on Android, but Toshl Finance is available on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, MeeGo, Symbian with cross-platform sync

– friendly Toshl Monsters to make finance fun and quirky!

Good Toshl Finance Budget & Expense Features

1. Expense tracker

  • track expenses and incomes with ease
  • incredibly quick & intuitive expense entry
  • set up repeating expenses and incomes to organize your bills
  • export your expense reports into PDF, Excel, Google Docs and CSV

2. Budget keeper

  • easy and versatile budgeting
  • track spending and make budgets for specific tags
  • compare the rate of your spending with the time of the month
  • one-time budget, daily budget, weekly budget, bi-weekly budget, monthly budget, yearly budget
  • move remaining funds to the next budget
  • learn from your budget history

3. Bill organizer

  • reminder for your bills as they become due
  • plan family bills for upcoming months and know how much your family can spend
  • note when you need to repay your loans

4. Travel companion and currency converter

  • track your spending and budget your travel
  • convert foreign currencies
  • daily updated exchange rates for top 160 currencies
  • enter custom exchange rates

5. Finances on multiple devices

  • automatically syncs with multiple devices and
  • access your personal finances from anywhere, just log in
  • track family finances with other family members in the same account

6. More graphs & backup on

  • manage your finances on the big screen
  • visualize your finances with infographics
  • your data is automatically backed up and saved

7. Keep it safe and private

  • use a passcode to lock the app

This app is available on Google play for FREE DOWNLOAD. It varies with devices.


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User reviews:

Google play comments (4,014)!

Well received on the Android platform.

Average rating: Four.4/5 star on Google play store!


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