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Tizen OSTizen mobile operating system has been under development for quite some time, and last night some folks at MWC international got their hands on the OS. Samsung and Intel are the major players behind the Tizen OS as well as other big mobile Companies. Those who interacted with this new operating systems for smartphones said that the OS looks a bit young and needs one or two polish-ups. Another thing that was noted about this Tizen’s OS is that it somewhat resembles Android currently the largely used OS on mobile players in the smartphone industry. However, one might easy confuse its home screen appearance with that of iOS. The grid of apps employs the same ploy as iOS, except they’re circular icons instead of square. When you Press and hold on them there is no response, so for now it’s tricky to re-arrange the home screen apps. At the top of the screen is a small numeral one, suggesting multiple home screens, but no success on this was administered.

So as we’ve seen there’s a home screen with a grid of ICONS; pull-down notifications just like that of Android but in this OS, the notification area is designed to use half-screen from the top, and various other elements that are all too familiar.

Samsung, Fujitsu, and Huawei are in to manufacture devices running Tizen, but the demo phone that was used to showcase the Tizen OS is not a phone that will reach shops. Its performance was not as good as one would expect but accomplished its purpose which was to show the design and the user experience of the OS. So, let’s not be early judges and conclude things to ourselves but wait until everything is done and complete.

The demo device was a repurposed Samsung Android device; but Samsung could not comment about specs, so it’s hard to judge what kind of devices will run Tizen. We do know that Tizen, like Firefox OS, will be aimed at lower-end or mid-range phones.

Samsung is a big influencer in the Mobile market and thanks to Google’s Android operating system. Things so far we can say have been going so well with Samsung & Android more so with the release of the KitKat 4.0, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. But its like Samsung would be much willing to give in to an alternative in terms of the operating system on their devices. The big questions that lies before us is that; will Tizen OS be the one to cut short Samsung and Google, or is it too early to think of that happening?

Tizen OS

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