The most accurate chromatic tuner app

Fine Chromatic Tuner appOur Fine Chromatic Tuner app is now used by more than 6 500 000 players all over the world. It is credited as the most accurate chromatic tuner app and as we have never talked about it much we have decided to make some videos to show the performance of the app in real conditions.

On the first video we are tuning an acoustic guitar and comparing the app against a Fender guitar tuner.

The second video shows 2 phones running 2 of our apps. The left one is playing sound frequencies using our Frequency Sound Generator and the right one is “listening” to the sound and detecting the pitch with the Fine Bass Tuner (the bass version of our Fine Chromatic Tuner). Look at the frequency numbers on both phones…

You can get the app here:

iOS ➡
Android ➡



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