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the great smartphone warSmartphone technologies is the fastest growing technology than any other tech in the world. Smartphones have continually populating the market at a very high rate than TVs and the rest of  electronics. We have even seen companies which never used to create phone before, trying to toss in their models in the mobile industry; just to have a test of mobile market. May be you are wondering why is there such BIG attention on smartphone by almost all tech company available? Is it that the demand for smartphones is so high that mobile manufacturing companies are unable to meet? Or mobile manufacturers in that business have failed to offer mobile consumers with exactly what they need on a hand held device?And when there is smartphone war among smartphone manufacturing companies, what benefit should the end customers expect?

Apple and Samsung are two Smartphone manufacturing companies that will never come into one agreement. Apple is a US company, and Samsung a South Korean Mobile manufacturer. Both of this companies’ products do sell and so to say they are the leading in the smartphone business. Despite all this favor, we are sorry to say “we are getting sick of more Apple-Samsung trial for patent infringement.” It is no fun listen for the same song every now and then.

“Galaxy copied the iPhone,” or “Apple is violating our own patents.” Really!!!

I am surprised and I know that I’m not the only one on this;  that Apple or Samsung takes most of its time fighting the other and taking each other to court for patent infringement, instead of focusing on what they need to do to stand out from the crowd! May be the two companies are trying to be defensive, but they are spending billions for trials that may never bring any fruit.

Like for instance; Samsung engaged in price-fixing regarding its existing lines of production, like TVs or DRAM modules, for which it has been fined not ones prior to the debacle with Apple.

A story by Vanity Fair explains how things have been at Apple-Samsung smartphone war and their fears. Would you like to know more about this developing story; please read more here


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