The Galaxy S5 (Probably with Iris Scanner) and A New Galaxy Gear Will Arrive By April, 2014 |

Galaxy S5Samsung executive tells Bloomberg that the Galaxy S5 together with a new set of Galaxy Gear smart watch will arrive by April this year.

“We’ve been announcing our first flagship model in the first half of each year, around March or April, and we are still targeting for release around that time,” said Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s Vice President Via Bloomberg.

Galaxy S5 which is the next device in Samsung’s Galaxy S line of production, and it will come with it an added Gear wearable Smartwatch. Speaking to Bloomberg, Young Hee says;

“When we release our S5 device, you can also expect a Gear successor with more advanced functions, and the bulky design will also be improved. -Lee Young Hee”

She also mentioned about Samsung’s plans to introduce a least one new wearable device before we see the end of year 2014. But, she was keen not to say more on this!

Also, many expect Young Hee to announce whether Galaxy S5 will feature iris scanning technology when the device finally “comes out”, but she chose to give an answer that puts everyone in a dilemma. She was quoted saying;

“Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology. We are studying the possibility but can’t really say whether we will have it or not on the S5.” Said Young Hee Via Bloomberg.

Should Samsung decide to integrate iris scanning technology in S5, it will be the first and only smartphone device in the market to see this kind of tech. Iris scanning tech will allow users to unlock their devices just by eye contact with front cam. Apple’s latest device, iPhone 5S uses fingerprint scanning tech which was well received but if Samsung succeeds integrating Iris scanner into Android and/or TouchWiz it would be a killer feature.

We’ve criss-crossed our fingers until somewhere in April when the S5 will be launched. It will be good news for Android fans if S4 successor brings great features like the iris scanner. But of cause, we will be informing you on the development. Stay around!

Galaxy S5 and Gear watch

SOURCE: Bloomberg


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