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Temple Run IconTemple Run – run for your life!

Play the endless action video game created by the Raleigh based, Imangi Studios. Run for your life or be captured by the angry evil demonic monkeys. Take up the role of an explorer and attempt to steal a cursed idol from a temple. Failure to that, you will have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Test your reflex as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Just Swipe on your touch screen device to turn, jump, and slide in order to overcome the many obstacles on the way. Collect and accumulate as many coins as possible in your bankroll by tilting your phone in either side where the coins appear.  This will enable you buy power ups, unlock new characters, and see how fast and far you can run! Will you be able to survive all the obstacles, hills, oceanic abyss, and unending lands cracks? Let’s find out….!

You can earn more coins by simply paying with real monkeys, an in-app purchase or get free coins by linking Temple Run page on Face-book fun page.

Controls are easy but that depends on your screen touch sensitivity and size, your finger flexibility, and ability to make quick decisions. Players with larger screens but light weight devices are on advantageous side. However, those familiar with the temple run environment have got nothing to loose.

The game graphics are magnificent with nice UI display, and excellent super sounds.

The game play is quite challenging, there is a stats section from where you can see your amount (coins), multiplier, highest score, longest run, coins streak, total games, and total distance

Players can select a Character to control; examples of these characters are as follows:

  1. Guy Dangerous (default explorer)
  2. Scarlett Fox – a cunning escape artist
  3. Barry Bones – a city cop
  4. Karma Lee – second greatest explorer ever
  5. Francisco Montoya – a conquistador
  6. Zack Wonder – a football star

NB: all the characters are the same in their abilities despise their difference in cosmetic appearance. Nevertheless, Montoya, the only women, and the rest being men have different grunts and sounds. For Montoya’s grunts are slightly sharper than that of men. However, there is no finish line neither game levels, therefore, you are required to run as far as possible but the question is can you manage?

The game is measured in meters, starting from the temple. Give it a try by joining the 50 million players worldwide and see how far you can run. I tried this game with my friends and the experience was exciting. Though, I ran shorter distance than the two fellas, I enjoyed to the fullest. This is the kind of game a rate 5/5 star


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User reviews:

Temple run is one of the best game, and it’s addictive too. Users say its “fun,” “enjoyable” with “great graphics.” Has an average rating of 4.6 star on play store.



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