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Tap Paradise Cove iconTap Paradise Cove could be a city-building game set within the tropics. The interface is well-designed and attracts you in from the start. There square measure lots of areas to explore and new places to beat as you start life on an overgrown island and take a look at to start out a civilization of your own. If you like to explore, conquer, and build, Tap Paradise Cove has lots of work for you. However, an equivalent issue that produces the app robust additionally weakens it. With most to try and do, the game tends to be terribly long to play and also the exclusively thanks to acquire the pace is to pay. On advanced levels, construction typically takes hours to finish, and unless you’re willing to pay some onerous cash (up to $20) for dashing up the development, you’re forced to wait.

Can you realize all the hidden treasures of Paradise Cove?

Build a thriving colony on an exquisite island. Explore the fog, build your city, battle offensive pirates and build ships to voyage to distant islands. Be a part of the numerous players worldwide during this exciting city-building journey game, currently on the market on android.

Players arrive on a deserted island and square measure tasked with establishing a brand new civilization from scratch. This brings in acquainting town building mechanics and clear goals — if the player needs them.

During the game demo, Pocket Gems’ artistic director made Cooluris with pride identified that there are many other ways to play Tap Paradise Cove. Players will favor to develop their cities, or they will expend their energy exploring the game’s Brobdingnagian, fog-shrouded world. This permits them to uncover secrets and treasures hidden within the world map.


  • Build an exquisite island city choked with homes, merchants and happy people!
  • Grow your little village into a active city!
  • Defend your island once pirates attack! Command your battleships to require them on!
  • Explore new worlds together with your ships; return with boatloads of treasure!
  • Find rare mermaids and send them to rummage around for riches!
  • Discover ancient ruins, exotic animals, hidden treasures and more!
  • Play at no cost, affirmative FREE forever!

The game additionally incorporates parts of Gacha — the raffle-esque mechanic standard in Japanese social games that permits players to take a position a tiny low quantity of resources to urge a random come back. In Tap Paradise Cove the component is tightly incorporated into the gameplay through ocean voyages. Players send ships off to foreign lands and that they can come back later with with some style of random prize, generally an item required to upgrade a 1 of the player’s buildings.

And best of all — PLAY FREE FOREVER! Welcome to Paradise.

By Pocket Gems, the manufacturers of #1 free game like Tap field Life, Tap Zoo, Tap pet edifice and plenty of a lot of.

PLEASE NOTE: Tap Paradise Cove allows you to purchase things inside the game for real cash. Please disable in-app purchases on your device if you do not wish this feature to be accessible. However successively, you want to pay patience.


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“The range of installs we’re seeing remains pretty steady; rankings square measure clearly terribly visible” – Pocket Gems’ chief operational officer Ben Liu

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