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images (2)Eight new countries unlocked for Google play store developer and merchant registration

Google Play store is the home of Android, and its content (apps and games) is a contributions of work from different developers around the world. Sadly, not all developers are able to collect money for their paid versions simply because their location is not supported by Google play merchant registration. But something to give thanks for, is that Google has dealt well with developer registration and so most locations in the world are supported.

A Challenge comes in when a developer is unable to collect funds from his paid versions of apps/games in the play store. That kind of process is difficult or almost impossible. That’s why Google is continually expanding the ability to collect money through Google Play in locations that don’t support merchant registration. Currently, at least 45 countries are eligible to this service after Google unlocking eight new locations yesterday including Greece, Turkey, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Vietnam. This are 8 countries that were previously unable to apply for Google Play Merchant account and collect money for paid apps in their home currency but now, they can do so easily.

Google has made an upgrade notifier that will alert developers of the change, with information on how to become a merchant now that their country is supported.

It is indeed a nice feel be appreciated for your work, and so would be developers when they are able register for Google merchants without any stumbling blocks. We would like to seen every nation supported by Google merchants.  Good luck all!

Google marchants

SOURCE: Google Support

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