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Squarespace Commerce App IconThe Squarespace Commerce App lets you fulfill orders, manage product inventory, and resolve customer issues from your Android device—all in the kind of intuitive, beautiful interface that you have come to expect from Squarespace.

The new Squarespace Commerce app should provide what you need to manage your inventory, fulfill orders, and deal with customer issues. You can use your phone or tablet’s camera to scan barcodes and insert tracking information.

Here are a few of the top features that simplify the way you sell.

Fulfill orders with ease.

Our integrated barcode scanner lets you accurately and efficiently fulfill orders without having to enter a single number. Simply scan a tracking number directly from a shipping label. From there, your customers are notified and your inventory is updated, all with a simple touch.

Resolve customers issues from anywhere.

Boost your business by offering even better customer service. See customer information, access order details, send confirmations and refund orders. It’s everything you love about your Squarespace Commerce store, except now it’s in your pocket.

A new way to take inventory.

As your company grows, it gets harder to know what’s in your storeroom. Whether you sell an item online or in person, our app lets you quickly update inventory levels, so you never have to question whether you have enough supply to meet the demand.


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