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Chrome browser AndroidChrome is the best internet brows around both on PCs and Mobile phones. However, Chrome for phones has not sometimes appeared to be sluggish while scrolling web pages. Especial on devices with less RAM, it could even be worse.  Chrome uses around 130 MB of RAM to perform normally. There is a way you can configure chrome for Mobile to make it faster and light.

As explained by reddit: it’s just a matter of few steps to make it faster.


  • Type chrome://flags into the URL bar in Chrome on your Android device
  • Find Maximum Tiles for Interest Area
  • From the dropdown, change it from default to 512
  • Tap on the Relaunch Now button

NB: Changing to 512 value from default is determined by your RAM capability. For devices with less RAM is advisable to select a lower value like 256 using that dropdown menu. By selecting of lower value for devices with less RAM save your device from “clogging up”.

You can try this tweak fix on you mobile if you have experiencing the same problem with your Chrome browser. Best luck.

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