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Snoop lions snoopify 1Snoop lions snoopify: the new snoop lions photoshop application

Snoop Dogg sorry Snoop Lion has made his latest venture into the digital world coming up with a new Photoshop that allows users to snoopify their backgrounds. It is a new android application that provides a much needed services to Smartphone users and it lets you take pictures of friends or nature and turn them into snoop-themed masterpieces. You get the chance to decorate the photos with never-before-seen graphics of the new renamed artist, Snoop lion from snoop dog as the graphics range from classic Snoop Dogg to the Rasta-inspired Snoop lion. The work has been a combination of Snoop and Upper Playground developer 99centbrains and cashmere Agency which is a marketing firm. The free Snoopify application that pimps your images shares pictures with social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

NOTE: When uploading the picture you should add ‘#snoopifyapp so as to spread the word.

Most of the stickers are free but some are marketed in 69p packs through the in-app purchase. The application allows the user to enhance the pictures with virtual stickers on Instagram. The graphics on the Snoopify application include animated extras of jheri curl hairstyles, grape juice, ladies in blue bikinis if you happen to have a night out photo or just slap them between you and your friends, wads of cash, golden grills and various rendered images showing the features of snoop in a simplified or exaggerated way. Snoop uploads more photos of himself and you can join in and beat him at his own application.

How it works

  • Choose a photo with your phone or take one
  • Choose some Snoop-Lion themed stickers
  • You can scale, rotate or flip them
  • Save or share your masterpiece
  • Share it on Instagram, twitter or facebook


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