Skype bug crashes the messaging app on Android, iOS and Windows.

skype-logo1On Android the bug only affects you if you are the recipient of the unwanted message!

VentureBeat has discovered, through the service’s community forums, a bug that causes Skype video link app crash so easily. Just like Apple’s texting flow app which could crash when it received specific string of Unicode characters, so is Skype now!

According to reports, Skype App on iOS, Android and Windows is now facing the danger of crashing if it receives a specific flaw. Sources reveals that the string 8 characters “http://:” without the quotes has been causing Skype app to crash. This simple thing as it looks, has disturbed many users on the named platforms. And it’s a real bother on the Windows platform.

Skype for Mac seems to be the only platform that is not affected by the flaw.

The Skype bug caused by the “http://:”message behaves differently on different devices as recorded:

  • Android: this only affects you if you are the recipient of the message
  • iOS: this only affects you if you are the recipient of the message
  • Windows: app crashes if you’re the sender and completely dies if you’re the recipient of the message

VentureBeat, who have been testing the bug behavior on various devices, said that it causes mobile apps to fall into endless crash loops and if you’re on a Windows desktop, sending the message crashes the app but receiving it puts it into an endless crash loop as well.

VentureBeat news publisher, reveals that deleting the message doesn’t fix the issue as it reappears when Skype downloads your chat history from the server again. Interestingly however, signing in with an account that already has the characters in the chat history doesn’t crash the iOS and Android applications.


It also tips us that, if you’re affected by this issue, the first thing to do is to ask the sender to delete the message. Then you need to install an older version of Skype and you’ll be able to use it again. On Windows, it’s simple enough to revert back to an older version but on iOS and Android, you’re stuck.

Skype has admitted to VentureBeat that it is aware of the issue and it is working on a fix. Will be focus to update you once its fixed, stay around!




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