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Ski Safari IconSki Safari Is the finest from Defiant Development and costs $0.99 only on Google play market. That’s a very friendly price considering the sensation that comes with it.

If you want to see animals on technology, here we go with Ski Safari Android app. A slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain, has never be as fun as with Ski Safari. Experience Animals, Avalanches and Action put together in a crazy way…

Ski Safari story line below:

Our deep sleeping hero has to stay ahead of a relentless avalanche that threatens the local mountainsides. Sven, as we like to call him, can use animals to aid his escape from an ice end. Each of the hillside animals holds different attributes to make a speedier escape. Penguins glide further, Yetis are tougher, Eagles soar to great heights, and each of these can provide useful advantage for Sven. Sometimes on the slopes Sven can find fast Snow moving avalanche which can ferry multiple animals on a maintain gain top speed.

Here’s is some simple tips about the game:

  • Stay ahead of the avalanche has its advantages and perks.
  • Complete objectives which can ‘level up’ Sven and increase his score multiplier.
  • Get rid of animals, performing backflips add to the score and with an increased score multiplier Sven will rocket up the high score table with ease.

For you to manage all that; there’s a fair bit of action here as you recruit hapless animals along the slopes to help you stay ahead of the unstoppable wall of snow. The availability of different kinds of animals is for your advantage since they hold different abilities to help you along. Yetis let you break through obstacles; Penguins let you glide farther while eagles send you soaring into the distance. Only with these critters, and a few sweet jumps to make, be smart to survive to your destiny.

The graphics look very cool and the controls easy to use. It has some beautiful 3D modelling for the characters, and vector-art in the background. Great! – Love everything about this game.

Ski Safari requires android version 2.1 or later. It is a cool game to keep in you mobile device, go ahead at try it!


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Ski Safari Holiday Update

User reviews:

Google play comments (28,267)!

If you’ve been looking for a five star game, this it is!

Average Rating: Four.8/5 star on Google play.




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