Sketch Draw – Draw and Share with Friends & Family

Sketch DrawSketch Draw application allows you to draw beautiful images on your android smartphone just as you would do on a plain paper using a pencil. Created by Pic Editor, you can design your great images and share with your friends and family via emails, WhatsApp or social media. This application is available on Google play, for FREE!

Download it now and enjoy sketching with your finger. Sketch Draw gives you the powerful tool to experience sketching the picture with your finger on the screen.

How it works!

It lets you select any image and give you option to select sketch effects like cartoon, charcoal, dark shade, oil paint, etc. When you move your finger on plain white canvas it shows only those portion of corresponding image with selected sketch effect which makes you feel like real sketching on paper.

There are different types of brush provided for use in sketching works.

The app is really easy to use, and appears users friendly. As much as this app is an entertainer, it is also good for education. It promotes creativity and handwork.

Sketch Draw being a freemium app, supports ads and sometime they can be irritating.

This app supports android versions 2.3 or higher.


Sketch Draw1Sketch Draw2

User reviews: fairly received on android.

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