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Say the same thing  Say the same thing is a powerful android word game experience. Play with your partner on the android, kindle, iphone, ipad, or ipod touch as both of you try to say the same thing and if it matches your partner you both win. A game developed from the band OK Go is an asynchronous word association game that heavily depends on you and your partner hitting a similar brainwave to come to the same connective word. Its mind-melding, creative, funny, enjoyable, unpredictable turn by turn game where you and your partner try to think alike.

It got the funny stamps and emotions that let your partner know if their guess is funny, witty or ridiculous.

You can as well request to play a member of the OK Go band as it will put you on wait trying to reach one of the members. The game is like trying to reach into the head of your friends and try to find out how they are reasoning, so you have to be smart to win.

Playing more different people will give you different types of games as you will come across different ideas, different jokers, different wits, different answers and concepts.

The game is so improvisational that it will veer off in surprising directions and that reflect what you are feeling and thinking during that moment of play.

The game is highly entertaining and a solid mix of low time investment. It will challenge your thinking capacity and improve your word association skills. It will keep you guessing and has a high feeling of success when you finally get a match of words. Playing the game is like hanging out with your friend together and spending time. It’s a point of creativity that lets you think about each other and explore your shared understanding of the world.

Its simple fun and there’s no other game that can beat Say the Same Thing  in this category, it’s just everything you would want in a mobile game, for sure I know by now you are admiring to have a your hands on it.

Well, it is free for all android above v2.2 and can be downloaded on Google play store.


Say the same thing Say the same thing Say the same thing Say the same thing







OK Go – Say The Same Thing

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