Samsung key factory robbed in Brazil; $36 million worth of products stolen

In Brazil, one of Samsung’s key manufacturing factory has suffered a massive raid by thugs on Monday night, reports by ZDNet. The factory which is located in the city of Campinas, in São Paulo, Brazil, was robbed and held at gunpoint. According to ZDNet, around 20 men disguised as factory employees snuck in during the night shift. The criminals held a few workers hostage while about 200 of them continued working but had the batteries taken out of their cell phones.

Samsung brazil factory robbed

The gang seemed not to be in a hurry, they took at least 3 full hours before evading with seven trucks filled with Samsung electronics. The robbers stole an estimated amount of R$80 million ($36 million) worth in laptops, tablets and smartphones.

At least no injuries were reported in the whole incident, but Samsung officials have said that it was a serious crime that they are assisting the police in solving and beef up security as well to prevent similar events happening again. Samsung was quoted:

“We are very concerned about this incident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. We are cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to avoid it happening again.”

This is the second time Samsung devices have been stolen. Last year, US; Leonard Arrington, pled guilty of armed robbery of seven T-Mobile stores robbed in 2012. In this one, Samsung lost a large potion if its high end devices.


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