Samsung Gear Smartwatch with Flexible display |


Screen shots of Samsung Galaxy Altius smartwatch

For a couple of months, Samsung has been rumoured to have been trademarking and applying for further patents around the development of its new watch.  First leaked under its Altius codename, but finally came out as the Samsung Gear. Images of the color versions of the pictures are provided by Samsung in the new patent application for a smartwatch product. However, we will note that those images did not actually offer any user interface details.

It seems like the Samsung gear smartwatch is running its own operating system, the AltiusOS. I guess, the watch will have its own cellular connectivity based on the upper left indicator showing the mobile network of South Korean carrier SKT. Additionally, the device will be able to play music and at the very least, display emails and messages. The form factor clearly takes a queue from the Live Tiles seen in Windows Phone.



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