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Eye ScanningSamsung is reportedly working on a new eye-scanning feature which is expected to be introduced on the Galaxy S5 smartphone. According to AndroidSaS, a TECH blog cites some sources from Korea, claims that the South Korean based manufacturers has started working on an eye-scanning sensor which will be featured in the rumoured Galaxy S5. The feature is said to bring the eye-scanning unlock ability to the smartphones. Unfortunately, the report does not reveal many details of the alleged eye-scanning unlock feature. This eye sensor feature will be included to take security one step further than fingerprint scanners by scanning your eyes for performing actions such as unlocking the device.

It’s all just speculation at the moment, but it would make sense that Samsung would want to completely raise the bar here while other manufacturers are simply trying to play catch up with Apple. With the forthcoming Galaxy S5, Samsung will try to strengthen its security features in its high-end devices. Both the Apple and HTC have recently added a fingerprint sensors to lure corporate and enterprise segment.

Even though finger-print scanner is relatively new to the mobile world, Eye-ball scanning tech will be a giant spring in the cell phone industry as it is more evolved and secured than the finger-print one, which can be forged using fake thumb prints. Last month, Apple iPhone 5S’s marquee feature Touch ID system was cracked within few days of its release by a group of German hackers, going by the title, Chaos Computer Club (CCC) using semi-transparent latex mold.

Even if they say, what was made through technology the same technology can be used to destroy it; with eye-ball scanner also known as iris recognition will be nearly impossible to crack. This is because it uses one of the best tech that involves camera technology with subtle infrared illuminations to capture detailed nerve pattern on the iris. This biometric technology is currently by used by almost all international airports for identification purposes in passports for air travelling worldwide.

Samsung is yet to confirm this report, so it all rumours. However, the greatly anticipated Galaxy S5 is speculated to wear metal body case and is likely to run on Android Kit Kat v4.4 OS powered by Exynos 6 (64-bit) Octa-core processor and house 16.0-megapixel Optical Image Stabilization

Eye Scanning

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