Samsung Galaxy S5 to Be Announced On the First Month 2014 |

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Be Announced On the First Month 2014

According to recent reports in the Korean media, Samsung said that it will announce the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in January of 2014. Those of you who thought Galaxy S5 will be announced somewhere around March-April next year; then this has struck you by surprise. Since, Samsung are pushing the devices to see the shelves in February next year. Apparently, the reason behind this quick schedule, may be highly influenced by Galaxy S4 failure to reach Samsung’s internal targets; (as according to Samsung insiders).

The Galaxy S4 has sold in huge numbers and this is likely to continue even after Samsung’s next new device in line of Galaxy release dates have been revealed. Although, Samsung is said to feel that sales could have been even higher and that’s why it claimed to be pushing a launch for the Galaxy S5 in mid-January.

Curiosity is building up after the announcement of the Galaxy S5 device. Could it be a 64-bit machine? Come on, bearing in mind that Apple’s iPhone 5S which run on a 64-bit processor is already here! Well, still to be approved, it is believed that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 could be its first device to run a 64-bit processor.

Rumour has it that inclusions for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are a 64-bit Exynos 5430 octa-core processor, and a 16-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and ISOCELL image sensor. As we said, the above has not yet been approved at the moment. So it’s good to wait for the official news, as much as we may want to check out the latest Galaxy S5 concept.



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