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Samsung Apps iconSamsung Apps – is an applications store or a marketplace designed to provide quality applications and great user experience specially customized for Samsung mobile phones. It is a focal point for both developers and Samsung handset users alike. Developers publish their apps on the online store where users get to them into their handsets either for free or at a fee.

For the developer, there are a few things that need to be done in order to successfully publish apps in the Samsung apps marketplace.

You can take advantage of certain  business models, like in-app advertising, in-app purchasing, and ‘freemium’ applications,  to recoup development costs and generate ongoing earnings from your application. Your choice of financial model will depend on your budget and the type of application you are producing. You can use it for App Discovery & Recommendation Engine as well

App Features:

•Samsung Apps for Samsung devices is an engaging app discovery for both first time owners and seasoned users looking for fresh relevant apps.

•Samsung Apps recommends apps based on user profile and algorithm across multiple user data points.

•Samsung Apps eliminates the “junk” apps found in the marketplace and provides users the ability to share and see with Face-book friends

Functionality in accordance to Samsung Policy

  • Application should be installed on device without error.
  • An icon should be displayed on device main menu after installation.
  • Application should be removed from the device when uninstalling application.
  • Application should provide functions according to the description or help.
  • Each function of application should work without malfunction.
  • For log-in features, the seller should provide testable account. (ID and password)
  • For revision application, user should be able to upgrade without error.
  • When resubmitting application, previous defects should be fixed. If resubmitting application without modification with no comments (Comments to Certification Team), it will be rejected.
  • If the application is to be installed as an upgrade to an existing application, its version number MUST be higher than that of the existing application.
  • Application that is a test version or does not provide any valid functions or hidden functions will be rejected.
  • Application that includes malwares such as viruses or that distribute malicious code will be rejected.

In case you have membership (via Samsung Account) to Samsung Apps, Samsung Mobile Innovator, or Bada Developers, you will need to provide your credentials to complete the registration process. However, if you do not have membership, then you will be needed to register as either a private seller or a corporate seller. The private account is intended for individual developers while the corporate seller account is for companies and organizations to publish their apps.

Available at Google Play, Samsung Apps requires android version 2.3.3 and up. It costs nothing to install










User Reviews

Google Play reviews (4,605)!

This app is well received by users on the globe, it can be installed and uninstalled easily.


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