Safari Tales

Calling Safari Adventurers!

Safari TalesExplore your way around a magical, safari land with your five baby animal friends. Discover, learn amazing facts and turn each adventure into your very own Storybook! Join five baby animal friends on an enchanting African adventure packed with fun, facts and unique stories on each and every play.

Safari Tales follows in the fossilised footsteps of the award-winning Dino Tales and opens up a world of exploration, learning and story-telling across the African savanna.

Parent Corner

Every time your child plays, a Safari Tale is created, which captures their game activities in pictures and words, and presents them in classic storybook form within the game. The game combines a fun exploratory world with a beautiful Storybook to encourage your child’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Set your child’s reading age so that the language is always targeted appropriately.Safari

Tales is more than a game, it is also a beautiful storybook and animal encyclopedia! Children are both adventurer and storyteller – Safari Tales captures each play session and turns it into a delightful Storybook to be shared and read with parents and loved ones.

Start your adventure today!Game Features

  • Fill a Storybook with your own adventure Tales, to be personalized and read with others
  • Wake five baby animals to play with and nurture
  • Discover a world teeming with safari wildlife
  • Use the Word Wheels to build questions about the animals to ask Darwin the talking meerkat
  • Explore a vast world filled with caves, forests, rivers and an enormous ant hill
  • Enjoy the Mud Wallows, Sunset Savanna, Catapult Canyon and so much more
  • Get creative with the Berry Blaster and make your little safari animals stand out from the rest!
  • Collect stickers, minerals, and fossils to add to your Sticker Book collection
  • Learn Swahili words

Parent Features

Parent Corner is a secure environment, controlled by a pin code, where you can:

  • Choose the length of time your child plays the game
  • Set your child’s reading age to personalise the game to their reading skill
  • Receive email notifications when your child has created a new Tale for you to read together
  • Get help and advice about playing the game with your child

In Safari Tales, your child will:

  • Develop storytelling skills
  • Share each new Safari Tale with family and loved ones
  • Learn to build sentences while playing with vocabulary, language and synonyms
  • Create questions to ask our unique talking meerkat, Darwin
  • Discover 1,000s of facts about safari animals
  • Learn some words in Swahili!


Safari Tales

User reviews: Well received on the Android platform.


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