Rubi Matrix Rubix Cube

Rubi Matrix Rubix Cube is a new logic game by

To create it we put the Rubik’s cube idea in 2D matrix and combined it with sliding puzzle features.
To be more of a brain and logic challenge we made the matrix with simple numbers as dimensions it is 5×7. To solve the matrix quest the player should arrange the colors by columns by sliding the rows or the columns.

The game has two modes – hard and easy and when you switch to hard mode you will find out the the real mind challenge. Now some of the color blocks can move only in one direction (vertically or horizontally). So they can block each other and the player should unblock the Rubi Matrix | Rubix Cube to solve it.

The game has it’s own original concept,logic and features nice and beautiful graphics. It has a nice made color blocks and relaxing animated background.

Two modes of play
• Unique logic
• Good graphics
• Intriguing original soundtrack
• Game is definitely interesting for all ages – children,young people, and older people

To start over again you can press “Shuffle” from the menu and the matrix will become a real mess 🙂

If you remember the Rubik’s cube you will have an idea of what is going on in Rubi Matrix | Rubix Cube logic. You should put the colors in order by sliding rows or columns…

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