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Romanian Racing iconRomanian Racing basically is a time trial racing game featuring over 9 cars and different maps, 2 police cars is in the mix and 4 totally different tracks are also available for the purpose of a superb a game play. In order to unlock the entire 9 car, friends, you will have a long way to go. However, don’t forget that, you must beat the times set for every map to successfully unlock a car after the other.

Romanian Racing Rally edition catches eyes for everyone; Milacent Sport being the only unlocked car, you are forced to like it for it holds the keys to the rest of other locked racing cars. In the initial stages, the game may seem difficult but once you are in several times, you will definitely get to master the maps. These will not only put you in an easy winning, but also fun and enjoyable races.

This one, is the racing simulator for Android devices, be sure to enjoy high-quality graphics, excellent sound and with good gameplay naturally. The game controls are well designed and easy to use. It features control sport car to outrun your rivals and be the first to come to the finishing line. You may choose from 9 usual cars and 2 police cars, as well as from different locations, such as Wild West, winter and many others.

It was developed by Mogos Radu experts during the month of November, 2012. I have a feeling this will impress you. It was designed to install in several languages including; English, Romanian, French and German. Only one language can be used and this happens while installing the game into your mobile phone.

Download Romanian Racing apk ARMv6, new android game for your Smartphones and Tablets which is freely available in the Google Play, but this game is an armv7 and converted into armv6 for low end devices. It works well in Android version 2.0.1 and up.

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