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Rocket Island IconRocket Island for Android is a nice free puzzle game that takes you straight to the action, without unneeded menus and taps. Created by Handy Games, Rocket Island story is pretty simple: Earth can no longer be inhabited and the Moon is the only place where humankind can find rest. But the problem is how to land there, on the moon.

It is a smart and engaging puzzle game geared towards mostly the  teenage audience. It’s a unique game concept where you have to match tiles to build rockets and escape a small, sinking island. It is available on Google play freely and no ads!

Play fleetly and be smart in you plans to escape from the sinking island! The Earth has turn out to be a disaster. In the extravagantly fanciful and unrealistic steam punk world of Rocket Island, you will focus more in saving people. Save as many people as possible by sending them via a rocket to the moon. Where, as according to the game, is the only place mankind can survive.

The game features two modes, the casual and action mode. In mode one (casual mode) players have unlimited time to think and only changes the playfield after a player goes. In the second mode, it is deferent, changing the playfield in real time; therefore you need to be quick in thinking. Secondly, increasing in difficulty a bit as you progress, you can peruse through the game features listed below.


  •  A most intriguing hex puzzle game
  •  Beautiful steam-punk graphics
  •  Two game modes: Casual or Action
  •  Tidal, seismic, and cosmic disasters
  •  Compete with your friends for high scores
  •  Admire your colony on the moon

Rocket Island game has only one level, and no missions or other stuff that the games tried to develop. It requires Android version 2.2 or later.

I have posted screenshots of the game in action and so you can have a look at them below.


Rocket Island Screenshot Rocket Island Screenshot








Rocket Island – Game Trailer (HD)

User Reviews:

Google play comments (4,657)!

The fact that the game is free, users praise its’ non annoying ads nature. And it’s fun game play

Average rating: Four.2/5 Star on Google play.

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