Reigns ICONReigns is an original card game by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital. The game takes on a format reminiscent of Tinder. But instead of sorting between potential love interests, you swipe left or right to make decisions on how your kingdom will run. Reigns, with its playing card-style art, tosses a stream of cards at you and you’re tasked with simply making the best decisions and surviving whatever consequences they bring as you continue your play. You’ll field requests from enemies, allies, lords, advisers and other stakeholders in and around your kingdom.

Each decision will be influence one group like the army, the people, the bankers or the church. To stay in power, you’ll have to make hard choices and keep everyone as happy as they can be. Prudent decisions and careful planning make for a long reign but unforeseen motivations, surprise events, and poor luck can take down even the most entrenched monarch. Extend your reign as long as possible, forge alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die as your dynasty marches along through the ages. Some events will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself.

Random events and possible alliances will also shake up your reign, making the best of these will be vital.

It’s a neat take on apps like Tinder that use this mechanic for dating. The Reigns launched on Google play at the cost of $2.99, supporting 3.0 and up devices


Reigns screenshot 2Reigns screenshot 2


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