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Let’s start with a crash course in Reddit, for those who have not experienced the rabbit hole that is

Basically a link sharing website, Reddit is essentially the Facebook “Like” button distilled. You share links, people vote on links to determine which ones are worth your time, and then people look at those links… and then look at more links… and then three hours pass by and they have to eat/drink/stretch their limbs. Reddit is ludicrously addictive, and, like YouTube, users often find themselves following a tweet or Facebook post there with every intention of just viewing that link, only to lose a whole afternoon to the site.

Reddit is essential for people who like to keep on top of their memes, or just like to make sure they’ve seen all the Internet’s funny pictures before their friends do. There’s also real news in there, too.

Now, as you might have expected, Reddit News is an app that brings Reddit to your Android device.

The app brings with it pretty much all the features that you get from the website itself. Sign in to your account and manage your subscriptions. Check up on any sub-categories you follow, vote up things you like, vote down things you don’t. You can check your personal messages and feeds. The app will open up links in-app, but gives you the option to use your browser instead. There is even a full screen function, for when you just aren’t getting enough links on your Android device’s screen.


  • pre-fetching of images for quick viewing right from the stories list
  • Stories and comments load at the same time. Switch between the two by sliding up and down the voting bar. (see market pic)
  • View profiles, edit and delete comments, check your inbox, submit posts and more…
  • Hi-res thumbnails created from pre-fetched images
  • Sidebar and Spoiler support
  • Rage faces and MLP emotes in comments with alternate text
  • Drag and drop sortable Subreddits, move your favorites to the front.
  • multiple colour themes including black,white,blue and pink
  • Search Reddit for a specific topic.
  • Optimized layout for phones and tablets
  • butter smooth scrolling!

A particularly nice feature about the app is that, like the website, it does not require you to have a Reddit account to browse the categories and view links. Far too many apps these days won’t let you do anything without an account with some site somewhere.

Reddit News is cheap, but there is a free version that is essentially the same app with ads, so there’s no excuse not to give this one a try if you’re a Reddit user. Heck, even if you’re not a Reddit user, this app could be your gateway drug. Available on Google play at the cost of US$ 2.19 only, Reddit requires Android v2.1 and up.

Although, probably best to avoid if you don’t have a whole lot of free time on your hands.


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