RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) I

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium)1RE-VOLT Classic (Premium)

Radio control cars can be great fun, especially when you use them to do stunts or race on makeshift tracks. That’s clearly the thinking behind Re-Volt, a popular 1999 console and PC kart racer that’s just made its way to Android.

Race radio-controlled cars through the neighbourhood and beyond in the classic arcade racer RE-VOLT! Fast paced, exciting driving, with explosive weapons and unique track designs deliver a larger than life racing experience like no other.

This racing game stays true to the original, with all cars, tracks, and the stunt area intact, but the most compelling feature — multi-player — is currently missing. This is emblematic of bigger problems with the touch-screen remake, which not only handles less elegantly without physical buttons but also suffers from a number of frustrating niggles.

Re-Volt Classic has five modes which are namely; Championship, Single Race, Time Trial, Practice, and Stunt Arena. All these modes are open at the beginning but at some point requires real money that’s if you do not want to follow the tough goals suggested during game play.

RE-VOLT Classic (Premium) is somehow rich in vehicles. Below are a descriptions on what to expect in various forms of vehicles.

14 RACE TRACKS – drive your car through a wide range of tracks, including suburban streets and through gardens and houses, over rooftops under the stars, through museums and cruise ships, and even a Wild West ghost town!

42 CARS – every kind of r/c car you can imagine is available to unlock in RE-VOLT, electric and gas-powered, fast and slow, heavy and light! Advanced physics makes every car feel different to control – which will be your favorite?

5 WAYS TO PLAY – up to 12 car races in Championship and Single Race modes; Arcade style Time Trials against the clock as it counts down to zero; search for the hidden stars in each track’s Practice mode; and collect all the stars in the Stunt Arena for a very special surprise…

TOUCH CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR RACING – three set-ups to cater for all tastes and experience, designed for fast paced twitch racing and ultimate control over your vehicle.

CLASSIC SOUNDTRACK – tunes that will stick in your head long after you stop playing, the timeless upbeat soundtrack pumps along with the action driving you forward to every finish line.

The game can be downloaded on Play store for $4.99 only.

Basic Control Tip!!

■ Reverse way in Touch Control mode

→ Touch the left/right key at the same time

■ Car relocation!

→ shake the device 3~4 times

■ Speed up the car!

→ Raise the difficulty in game setting (Option>Game Setting>Mode: Easy/Medium/Arcade/Simulation)


RE-VOLT Classic (Premium)

User reviews: This car racing game is picking up well on Android platform

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