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app IconQuick GPS Meter Free is the latest app from FinestAndroid.com, launched on 5th September, 2012 . It’s a very nice app to study your daily movements. Get only the perfect records of tracked distance, path length, current/average or full speed using this app. Actually, you can measure distance from point A to point B using Quick GPS Meter Free. Therefore, measure the distance to the Library, nearest market, bus station, or whatever you can need to measure in terms of length. Measurement are given in Km, time = hrs, and speed is displayed in Km/h. For example you can come up with readings like:

1. Distance: 0.312 Km

2. Path: 1.772 Km

3. Top speed: 15.753 Km/h

4. Avg. speed: 2.936 Km/h

5. Current speed: 1.735 Km/h

NB: There is settings where users can switch to desired units but this seems to work well with US user for now!

Quick GPS Meter Free app is designed to run on Android v2.1. You can download the 848 Kb file on Google Play for FREE. It is very simple to install and runs smoothly on most mobile phones and tablets.

App Capabilities

  • Measure distance from point A to point B
  • Measure the exact path to your office
  • Walk as you measure the path length to the nearest market, library, bus station or wherever you wish
  • Keep track of your journey
  • Keep track of your field training
  • Measure top speed while running, exercising like frog jump, cycling, Skating, swimming and more
  • Read your current and average speed as well
  • Measure the time you use to get to office

Quick GPS Meter app is a combination a stopwatch, GPS and some clever logistics to measure:

  • Displacement– between point A (start point) and current location (point B)
  • Path – the path length covered between start and end
  • Top speed- quickest speed reached
  • Average speed
  • Current speed
  • Total Time taken

Quick GPS Meter is the accurate, fast and very easy to use GPS distance, path, speed meter. You will definitely get many scenarios where you can use this app; therefore be among the first persons to try this useful app and give your views about it for updates!


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User reviews:

Quick GPS Meter free is new in the market and so far user reviews are promising.

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