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One of the great advantages of the miniature computers that we carry around in our pockets and bags these days is the ability to get news whenever we want it. Not just the top stories, mind, but niche news, as specific as we like. If you want technology news, you might go to the Engadget app. Gaming news? How about the Kotaku app? Maybe you’re into sports and want the ESPN app. The apps are endless…!

There is a problem, however – how are you going to find anything amongst all those news apps? Well, that’s where Pulse News comes in.

While by no means the only news aggregating app out there, Pulse News is certainly one of the best. It allows you to pull from a huge selection of news sources, arranging them into pages for ease of browsing. Of course, there are ways to pull in news feeds that aren’t already available within the app, and there is Google Reader integration.

The app arrays the stories from each news source horizontally across the page, allowing you to slide through the recent stories. Different news sources are displayed vertically down the page, meaning that, on the average device, you’ll be able to see the last three stories from three different new sources on your screen without ever touching it! There is also the ability to separate your news sources between pages, accessible from the Pulse menu in the top corner of the screen, and you can label the pages, allowing you to organize your sources based on whatever criteria you please.

You can register (free, of course) with Pulse, and link the app to your account, if you choose. This syncs your news sources with your account, meaning that, should you ever lose all the data on your phone, or get a new phone or tablet, you can just log in to your Pulse account through the app, and it will just pull all of your news sources off of the Internet and set them up in the same way you previously arranged them.

You can save and/or share stories, of course, and Pulse loads stories that you read into the phone, meaning that you can read them later whether you have an Internet connection or not. And, of course, you can set Pulse News to notify you when there are new stories. Although, if you have more than a few sources, it’d probably be better to turn that particular feature off, or your phone will never stop beeping!

Pulse News is easy to use, clean to look at, and functionally sound. It provides a simple way to see as much news as possible, without switching between apps or loading web pages. This one is a must for anyone who likes to keep up to date on a variety of areas of news. If you are wondering where to get this cool app, please visit Google Play store.


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