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PrincipiaPrincipia is the newest games developed by Bithack, the creators of the Android hit Apparatus, played by over 3 million players. Released this month, Principia cost $3.49 only available on Google play store. This game falls under Brain & Puzzle categories therefore prepare to solve puzzles using the laws of physics.

Principia wears a wonderfully polished physics construction set with depth and a feature list to rival many console releases. It’s an even more in-depth creation tool. So, you can build all manner of exciting and interesting things in this app.

Open up the sandbox editor and use over 150 unique objects to create anything from a simple teeter totter to a working calculator. Use the advanced electronics system to create your own games. Upload your creations to the community website or download creations by others.

Gain control of the robot by playing as him in Adventure Mode. Help him get to the goal by building contraptions, bridges and vehicles.

Bithack is promising even more crazy features that will keep updating regularly. This is according to their promotional post; posted on the Play store quoting a line from it:

“New official puzzle levels added weekly. New game modes coming!”

We hope this time they will keep their word as we see the previous work “Apparatus” received updates only ones and that’s 2 years ago. Someone could think they abandoned Android!

We believe Principia app is the title that brings Bithack back.

For now, it an adventure mode and a free-form creation option. So, users can make games, tanks, trucks, and millions of other things. Moreover, it extends the ideas of Apparatus in almost every conceivable direction. A small number of users might find this as an intimidating prospect but I trust it’s going to be a dream come true to many.

You can check out the sheer scope of the game in the trailer below, in which just a handful of the things you can make using the 150 available components are shown.

And Screenshots here!

PrincipiaPrincipiaPrincipia Principia


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