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Let’s be honest, if you’re reading a review for an application that allows you to view news on your state-of-the-art portable Android device, there’s a high likelihood that you haven’t bought or read a newspaper for some time. If ever. Like a lot of traditional media, physical papers are dying out, destined for extinction, or, in the case of a lucky few (like vinyl), niche markets.

Still, in today’s world of constant information, it’s sometimes nice to have your content editorialized and handed to you, rather than having to go out and find the stories you want to read.

Enter Press Reader!

Press Reader brings the old-school periodicals and magazines to you, via the medium of your Android device. In cahoots with newspaper and magazine makers in ninety five countries, Press Reader lets you view actual printed news from all over the world, without the hassle of having to go to that part of the world to get it.

The immediate face of this app is a huge wealth of PDF alternatives to the newspapers in question, allowing you to scroll around the page as though you were looking around a real newspaper. However, you can tap your finger on some headings, and the app will then whisk you away to more modern settings, where you can read the news story in the more familiar setting of web-formatted content, with all the font-resizing goodness that brings. Also, you can save those stories to read later.

Other handy features include pinch-to-zoom functionality, although it would have been a huge oversight if that hadn’t been put into this app… Or any app whose purpose is to display text. The app can also be set to automatically download your periodicals – the digital equivalent of a paper boy!

The app is free. The content, however, is not. Fear not, though, for you will find that the cost of getting the news into your device is very fair. If you’re not quite ready to give up on newspapers yet, then this might be perfect app to wean you off, of paper news and onto digital news. Visit Google play store to download the free app. Keep note that the app requires Android v2.1 or later.


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PressReader 4.0 is the killer app for your Android device! View the clip below.

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Press Reader user feedback is not bad at all. Fore more, readers are increasing in numbers on a daily basis.

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