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Polaris Office iconPolaris® Office 4.0 is a premium mobile Office product that allows the user to use MS Office documents handily, supported emotional experiences.

Polaris Office 4.0 is that the best similarly as greatest work things made for mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, you’ll be able to merely create use of many varieties of documents with Polaris Office like, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, with solely variety of tabs, similarly as organize your data quick similarly as do your presentation remarkably with Polaris Office v4.0.

Enabling sensible Work:

Polaris Office could be a mobile Office resolution that allows all documents used on a  computer to be utilized in a mobile surroundings. It’s exceptional performance and new potentialities will be experienced in your smartphones and tablets PCs.

PC Compatibility Showing the Master Copy Document As It Is:

Polaris Office is great rendering quality shows all the texts, chats, pictures, etc. Of the documents created among the Microsoft’s Office on a computer because the original itself with no losses. Currently you’ll be able to safely and Convenient edit vital documents on your Smartphones and tablets PCs

Fast Document loading ,With Instant Response Speed:

Polaris Office offers the quickest loading speed among the prevailing mobile Office product and maintains consistent and stable speed once viewing the document. Additionally, you’ll be able to additionally expertise instance response speed at the time of panning and flicking.

Fabulous presentation whenever and Anywhere

Polaris Office slides show support dynamic animation effects and continent pointer perform. Currently you’ll be able to show a lot of ample and fabulous presentation whenever and anywhere you would like.

Convenience cloud linkage and File Management

With Polaris Office, you’ll be able to access to cloud whenever and wherever you would like and do your document work while no struggle incurred. Moreover, it offers numerous file management functions like copy, move delete extract, etc. providing a lot of convenient mobile document work surroundings.

What you’ll be able to do with Polaris Office 4.0

  • View/edit MS Office records
  • View PDF, HWP documents in Polaris Office.
  • Polaris Office 4.0 Android transfer Adverts Free
  • Cloud resolution (Google Docs, Drop box, Box.net, incorporates a lot of cloud service later on)
  • 15 templates, eighteen 2D/3D tables, eighty totally different figures, three hundred + feature
  • Direct input footage to document from camera technique, nothing file open straight in Polaris Office Android 4.0.
  • Slide shows (Tip and slide note) and it reveals inserted animation additionally.
  • Performance: quicker record loading rate, howling being compatible with MS work records
  • Style: straightforward similarly as improved UI in Polaris Office 4.0.
  • Assisting: quick upgrade, Constant enhancements

New performance experienced on Android Phone! It’ll cause you to a professional in the office. Get the complete download on the Google market. Put in mind, the app needs Android version 2.2 and up.







User Reviews:

Polaris Office 4.0is well received by users; this is shown by the positive comments on the Google Market. Moreover, it’s rated four.6/5 star.

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